Green Thoughts

For the past 6 months or so, I’ve been riding shotgun for my daughter while she does her state-required 50 hours of behind-the-wheel driving practice before getting her license. Recently, when accelerating from a stop sign she said “Vrroom-vrrroom.” I asked: “Why do you do that?” “Why?” “Well, you’re in an electric car. There’s no […]

IT Makeover

It’s no surprise to say that for most of their 30-year existence, IT departments have not been held in high regard. Organizations grow over time based on perceived need. Every startup or small business I’ve ever known added a bookkeeper of some kind in short order, then grew over time to require more than accounting. […]

Lunar New Year (Tech) Cleaning

Chinese New Year of the Tiger

January 31, 2022 One of the traditions we honor from our daughter’s Chinese heritage is Lunar New Year, which starts today. It’s the Year of the Tiger, which happens to be the astrological birth year of my wife and me. Depending on what you read, it could be a good year or a bad year […]

The Grabbing Game

In Asian cultures, there is a traditional event that takes place on a child’s one-year birthday that portends the child’s life choices going forward. Called Zhua Zhou in China, it’s literally “first birthday pick” or The Grabbing Game, where parents lay out a collection of items on a mat, and whichever item the child picks […]

Working with Gary

December 10, 2021 I often include links in these posts, which add detail to whatever point I’m making from other people. But this time, I have to go all Fanboy on how much I love Claire Hughes Johnson, COO of Stripe since 2014. I’ve read Claire’s observations for a while on Twitter and various online […]