“Tribal Chiefs Eat Last”

Leaders Eat Last book

Wisdom can be found most anywhere, if you just look. Particularly so if you’re like me, and revel in the unexpected linkages between all sorts of things. Not long ago I was doing some research on an area nonprofit, which meant learning as much as possible about their leadership. Which in turn led me to […]

IT Makeover

It’s no surprise to say that for most of their 30-year existence, IT departments have not been held in high regard. Organizations grow over time based on perceived need. Every startup or small business I’ve ever known added a bookkeeper of some kind in short order, then grew over time to require more than accounting. […]

The Grabbing Game

In Asian cultures, there is a traditional event that takes place on a child’s one-year birthday that portends the child’s life choices going forward. Called Zhua Zhou in China, it’s literally “first birthday pick” or The Grabbing Game, where parents lay out a collection of items on a mat, and whichever item the child picks […]

Working with Gary

December 10, 2021 I often include links in these posts, which add detail to whatever point I’m making from other people. But this time, I have to go all Fanboy on how much I love Claire Hughes Johnson, COO of Stripe since 2014. I’ve read Claire’s observations for a while on Twitter and various online […]


This last weekend marked my Meyer Lemon’s annual trip into the house for Winter. Since lemons require a long growing season, I always bring it in just before Thanksgiving laden with lemons while silently praying that none fall off while being GENTLY coaxed through the door, where it will stay until February. Then it’ll go […]

The Soul of (All) New Machines

Remember the Tracy Kidder book, “The Soul of the New Machine“? Required reading in business school from almost the day it shipped, the author embedded with teams at Data General in Massachusetts, in their quest to build a new and better mini-computer (remember those?) in those in-between days between big iron mainframes and the eventual […]

“Can anything good come from Tulsa?”

“And Nathanael said unto him, “Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?” Philip saieth unto him, “Come and see.”“ — John 1:46 A friend of mine recently posted a news story about a former Tulsa Public Schools Assistant Superintendent and his great successes in another state, with accolades and recognition on a national scale. […]