Remembering “Challenger”

challengerIt was a day like many others in Oklahoma — sunny and warm for winter, kinda like today.

I’d come home from work for lunch — I was a newbie/recent college graduate masquerading as a Mutual Fund Salesman.  Not making any money, so a tuna sandwich back at the college duplex rental was still the best and cheapest approach.

It was an added bonus, being able to eat and watch the space shuttle launch.  For a kid who grew up watching the Apollo launches and the Moon landing on a black-and-white TV at home not many years before, it was still fascinating to me down deep inside.  The Cold War dread of the Reagan administration could still be nudged aside by hope for a “Star Trek” future.

One of the college roomies who was still in school, Joel, was there.   Watching the launch, it didn’t take us long to realize that something was horribly wrong.

Remembering those brave souls who gave their lives for exploration and the advancement of science.

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