What? And give up Show Business?

My favorite joke about working in Nonprofit Leadership.  From the Vaudeville era:

The circus comes to town, and everyone turns up for the grand parade down Main Street.  There’s the Strong Man, the Bearded Lady, and Lions and Tigers in cages, pulled by beautiful horses.  Then, at the end, come the Elephants marching in single file.

Following them is a little guy, pushing a wheeled cart with a broom — scooping up the elephant poop, smiling as he works.

A guy on the street walks up to him and says “You seem very happy doing your job, but don’t you think you could find a better job someplace?”

The little guy says “What?  And give up Show Business?”

2 comments on “What? And give up Show Business?

[…] Still, his appearance in the ad reminds me of the old joke with the punchline, “What, and give up show business?“ […]

MT says:

Ahhh….”Broadway Joe”…a fixture of my NFL Trading cards when I was a kid!

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